Introducing the HiveMind Design
The HiveMind template was created to provide a beautiful clean design that focused on Typography and Menu options. It makes a great basis for any site that doesn't want the design to detract from the content allowing end users to focus on the information that counts. HiveMind comes bundled with a light and dark variation, 5 beautiful menu styles, a whole slew of font configuration, even built in SIFR if you want to go that extra step. Learn more...

All in One Package

imageAll of the amazing tools and functions are at your fingertips in the ultimate audio design studio that gives you everything you need.

Take Your Studio Anywhere

imageThanks to new saving and sharing features, the flexibility of Core Audio, and comprehensive project asset management, making it easy to work on projects from multiple locations.

Redesigned Interface

imageA new workspace featuring a single-window design eliminating clutter and allowing you to focus on your music using all of your favorite tools and functions.

Mass Produce Your Media

imageMaster your audio tracks and take them into the world with a powerful suite of cd, dvd, and digital creation tools for mass producing and distributing your audio projects.

Demo Information

NOTE: This demo content is purely for demonstration purposes early. It is intended to show off the HiveMind template so that you can see a representative example of a live site. Any audio products mentioned are purely fictional.
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